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Holistic Therapy Adelaide. Where We Treat The Cause, Not The Symptoms.

Our Expert Therapists Are Here To:

At Physio Now we offer a holistic approach to therapy… meaning we treat the body and it’s multiple systems for longer lasting results.

Our techniques don’t discriminate. We help clients from all walks of life with complex pain to sporting injuries feel better for longer.

Physio Adelaide
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Occupational Therapy With Low Wait Times

Jenny is highly experienced and has recently increased her available hours with Physio Now. Learn more about our OT services. Physio Now is a registered NDIS provider for therapeutic supports.

NDIS registered physio
Holistic Physio Therapy Adelaide
We Listen

We start each session by listening to you. Taking the extra time to discover more about your body helps guide our hands-on assessment so we can better understand your needs.

Holistic Physio Therapy Adelaide
Restoring Balance

We assess and treat the entire body the same way it moves... as one. Through holistic based therapies our aim is to keep your pain away long term.

Holistic Physio Therapy Adelaide
Hands On + Movement

Using manual therapy and movement programming, we will develop a new way to use your body. Our approach will help you move freely and get the results you want.

Holistic Physio Therapy Adelaide
Designed For You

Whether your focus is to eliminate pain or recover from an injury, we tailor a treatment plan made specifically for you so you can achieve your goals.

Holistic Therapy
Expert Hands On Therapy

We treat multiple systems of the body for life changing results.

Holistic Therapy
Chronic Pain

Our techniques can help treat chronic conditions including fibromyalgia and post surgery pain.

Holistic Therapy
Movement Training

We help you to unlock areas of your body to get you moving optimally.

Holistic Therapy
Holistic Therapy

We look beyond the superficial injury to accurately assess, treat and diagnose your pain.

Holistic Therapy Adelaide

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Experience expert therapeutic supports from an incredibly passionate team. We're available in clinic, online and at home to deliver affordable yet accessible physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Holistic Therapy
Longer Sessions

It means we have time to listen to your fully story. Our comprehensive sessions save you time and money long term.

physio Adelaide
Lasting Results

All physio include hands on therapy and corrective exercises keeping your body in tune and at its best.

Physio Adelaide
Major Funding Types

We are fully registered with the NDIS. In our Tensegriti clinic we also accept HICAPS, medicare and DVA payments.

Who We Connect With

At Physio Now Adelaide we are trusted within the community and support local business.

Book A Service

First Session

60 Minutes

Begins with us asking a series of questions, followed by a body assessment and initial treatment. We will also discuss your goals and provide you with a management plan.

Single Session

60 minutes or 45 minutes

Subsequent session where we track your progress, answer any questions and continue with treatment.

Virtual Session

60 minutes or 45 minutes

Similar to a face to face session where we ask you questions, provide education and set you up with a movement programme.

NDIS Physio

60 Minutes

We start by getting to know you and your abilities. We will work together to set up a management plan and begin physiotherapy services.